Sports Kick


Thai Boxing Group Classes:

Thursday @ 6:00p.m.

Saturday @ 9:30a.m.

Classes are 1 hour and 15 minutes in length.  Equipment is provided but you may bring your own.  Handwraps are required.

Classes are for ages 16 and up.

Thai boxing combines high intensity cardio with timed pad work.  The student will learn knee strikes, round kicks, front kicks, elbow strikes and a series of punches. The warm up includes jump roping, shadow boxing and calisthenics.  This warm up is used to get the student ready for the pad work which is the bulk of the class.

Students are partnered and will be instructed through pad drills of combinations on focus mitts and Thai pads (kick pads).  The class is structured in 3 minute rounds and students alternate between each other with holding the pads and hitting the pads.

This is an intense workout and food should not be eaten just before the class.  You will burn a lot of calories!

Instructor:  Chris Demkse