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Do you know how fast your metabolism is?  Wouldn’t you like to know how much food you can eat and still lose weight?

Test Your Metabolism Today!

The Korrs Metachek Metabolic Test is a 15 minute breathing test.  It analyzes your oxygen and how much your body consumes while at rest.

This information is invaluable to weight loss, maintaing your weight and increasing your muscle mass.  The test calculates your target caloric zones.  These zones will tell your the maximum amount of food you can eat and still lose weight.

The majority of clients tested generally do not eat enough food to sustain their metabolism and thus gain weight and lose muscle mass.

All ages from elite athletes to teenagers can get their metabolism tested with this method.

Testing Protocol:  you must not eat, take supplements or exercise two hours prior to testing.  All tests are done by appointment only.

Cost of each test is $60 per person, cash or check.

Contact us today to make your appointment or for more information.